Scarcity in abundance : A critical anaysis of food crises

Scarcity in abundance : A critical anaysis of food crises

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[Clémence Anno] Vidéo N°20822
Event hosted by Benoît Biteau and Helmut Sholz with The Left, The Greens/EFA, IPES Food, CCFD.

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has trigger a massive food crisis that is already putting millions in situation of severe food insecurity. It is clear that the 20 million tonnes of grains stuck in the Black Sea port are missing to the international market and contribute to the dramatic increase in food prices. Despite these exceptional circumstances, it is the third global food crisis the world is facing in 15 years. This should question us on the underlining factors driving our global food system. How is it possible in a world of abundance? What can the current crisis teach us for the future? What can be done to avoid this structural situation?
[Clémence Anno]

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